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Check My Domain Name Renewal Date

The Renewal Date for a domain name will depend on your date of purchase and the plan period you selected upon your first payment. There are two ways for you to check your domain name’s renewal date.

Through the Dashboard

You will see the domain renewal date directly from your dashboard. Just log in to your Account Manager to open the dashboard, then find the domain name you want to check in the My Products section. You should see the Expiry Date — that is the Renewal Date.

Crazy Domains Account Dashboard Renewal or Expiry Date

Accessing the Domain Name

From your dashboard, select the domain name you want to check. The Expiry Date is your renewal date.

Crazy Domains Account Access Domain Renewal or Expiry Date

NOTE: On your initial purchase, your domain names are set to automatically renew by default. We strongly recommend you keep it this way to prevent domain loss and avoid disruptions on your website or products connected to your domain. Otherwise, you can disable the auto-renewal feature anytime and manually renew it before the expiry date.

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