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What Are My Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server Settings?

A Mail Server acts as a digitized version of a mailman. Basically, your email is passed on from one mailman to another, that is one Mail Server to another, until it reaches its destination.

Of course in contrast, Mail Servers work thousands of times faster, allowing you to receive emails almost instantly. Without these servers, emails would still be sent but only to addresses using the same domain name, e.g., [email protected] would be able to send a message to [email protected], but not to [email protected].

To set up your email address on an email client, you will need to connect using your incoming and outgoing mail servers. If your emails are hosted with Crazy Domains, make sure you use the following settings for your Mail Servers.

Incoming Mail Server mail.YourDomain.com
Outgoing Mail Server mail.YourDomain.com

If you're still starting out and trying to understand everything about your email hosting, you can always check out our Email Hosting getting started guide for more details, or contact our customer support at any time.

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