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Ultimate Guide for Web Hosting

When you activate Web Hosting you gain access to our powerful network of servers that allow you to upload your website to the internet, create email addresses, and much more. This guide will show you how to get started and enjoy all your web hosting benefits.

Table of Contents

  1. Accessing Your Hosting Manager
  2. Creating an Email Account
  3. Accessing your Email Account
  4. Uploading your Website
  5. Configuring your Web Hosting

Accessing Your Hosting Manager

Your Hosting Manager is the command centre for your website. There you can set up new email accounts, view website statistics, instantly install your favourite apps like WordPress and much more. Follow the link below to see how to log into your Hosting Manager.

Creating an Email Account

Email is included with all our hosting accounts at Crazy Domains. The first step for using the email service is to create an email account in your Hosting Manager. Once you have created your email account in your Hosting Manager, you can begin to use your email. For instructions on how to create an email account, click the link below.

Once you have created your email account in your Hosting Manager, you can begin to use your email. The next section will guide you on how to access your email.

Accessing your Email Account

Before you begin to set up your email client, you must first decide how you would like to access your email. You can use any Desktop Mail Client (such as Outlook or Mac Mail) to check your email. Additionally, you can use a third-party service like Google Apps or even your mobile device. The tutorials below will guide you in setting up your email client.




You can also use Webmail to check your email in your web browser.

Uploading your Website

There are many ways to upload and transfer your website, below is a list of Simple File Transfer Programs (FTP) we recommend. You can use any HTML editor you like - everything is supported. Click on any of the articles below for a step-by-step tutorial.



For more information on transferring files please view the following guide:

Configuring your Web Hosting

If you are having issues setting up your Web Hosting you may need to configure your Domain Name to connect to your Web Hosting services.

  • If yourdomain.com is Not Registered, you will need to register the domain. Once that is complete you will need to set the name servers so you can connect to your Web Hosting. See instructions below.
  • If yourdomain.com is registered with another provider, you will need to login to their domain manager and set the servers below so you can connect to your Web Hosting.
  • If yourdomain.com currently has other name servers set, you will need to change this to the name servers below. Please keep in mind, this will affect any current services connect to yourdomain.com.

To connect to the Web Hosting services, use the following Name Servers with your domain name: ns1.syrahost.com and ns2.syrahost.com

Other Web Hosting related options

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