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Reports: New OMH Feature

Our new reporting feature for Online Marketing Hub (OMH) has been released, and we are thrilled to share it with you. This new function aims to give you a summary view of progress, insights and recommendations for your active OMH products.

With the help of this feature, you will be able to learn more about how your OMH products are performing, discover new action insights, as well as recommendations on areas that need actions or improvements. The reports will help you utilize your OMH products efficiently.


Key Features

  • Progress summary of your OMH products
  • Insights and Recommendations to help improve your active OMH products
  • Free for anyone who has OMH products

The Reporting feature is available now, and it's completely free. If you're a current user of OMH, you can access this feature by logging into your OMH account and selecting the Reports tab.


More About OMH Reports


What is OMH Reports?

Reports is a feature accessible inside Online Marketing Hub. It displays a summarized progress of your purchased and utilized products. The report section is a valuable feature that enables you to keep track of your product's performance efficiently.


What products will appear in OMH Reports?

Your active OMH products.


What are Insights & Recommendations?

These are quick tips from your active OMH products that can help improve your brand or business profile online.


What kind of Insights & Recommendations are available?

Insights and Recommendations are unique to each profile and relevant to the active products, but below are some sample recommendations:

  • Add your top 4 competitors and we can track their keyword rankings.
  • Use the Link Checker to find the broken links on your site.
  • Choose the most relevant keywords for your site. Use Keywords Generator for help.
  • Send the 1st Email Campaign and start building your email marketing plan.
  • Assign your contacts to mailing lists. Sending campaigns will be more convenient and accurate.

Is OMH Report an add-on service?

The OMH Reports feature comes free when you purchase any of the OMH products.


What is Business Profile Progress?

The progress bar shows you how close you are to finishing your Business Profile. It helps you see if you've left anything unfinished, so you don't overlook anything. As you purchase more OMH products, more options will become available in the Business Profile section.


What does Overall Progress mean?

Overall Progress shows the completion rate of the Business Profile and Active Products. Once a new product is purchased or if there are updates to the products, the progress bar may change.


How frequently will OMH Reports update the information?

The frequency of OMH Reports updates varies depending on the product. Some reports update monthly, while others update on the completion of a campaign. This means that the information in the OMH Reports is synchronized with the specific reports generated from the specific product. For example, Traffic Booster updates depending on your last Submit, Email Marketing generates monthly reports based on Campaign sends, and Business Directory updates when you make changes to your profile.


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