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Quick General Settings

These general settings only apply to Crazy Domains hosting services and are provided for advanced users. If you need instructions on how and where to apply the changes, you may refer to the links provided below each section.

Jump to settings that you need by clicking on the links below:


Quick IMAP or POP3 Email Settings

To set up your email as IMAP or POP3, make sure to use the following settings:

Incoming mail server mail.YourDomain.com
Outgoing mail server mail.YourDomain.com
Username Your full e-mail address
Password Your e-mail account password
Incoming Port 143 for IMAP or 110 for POP3
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Port 587
SMTP Authentication Required
Secure Authentication or SPA Needs to be turned off

You can find detailed guides that are specific to your device's setup in the link below:


Quick Email Exchange Settings

To set up your emails with Email Exchange make sure to use the following settings:

Email Your full e-mail address
Password Your e-mail account password
Server For Exchange 2016 (AU): mail.premium.exchange
For Exchange 2016 (UK): email.premium.exchange
For Exchange 2013: mail.exchangecloud.com.au

If you encounter any server connection difficulties, refer to the guide below for your complete configuration settings:

You can also find more detailed guides in the link below:


Quick Name Server Settings

To connect your Domain to our hosting service, make sure you're using the corresponding Name Servers:

Name Servers Hosting Service
Email Hosting
Email Exchange Hosting
Web Hosting - Linux
Web hosting - Windows
Website Builder
Premium DNS Hosting

For a complete list of Name Servers, how they work, and where to make updates, click on the link below:


NOTE: Name Servers are applied immediately but may take up to 4 hours to propagate across the Internet. If you have created your Name Servers and have seen no change, please wait for the propagation period to complete. Otherwise, it is advised that you contact our 24/7 support so we can investigate.

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