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The new Account Manager displays a more compact design for easier account and product navigation.

Within the Account Manager is the My Profile page, where you can update your personal account information and manage your account security settings. To access it, just click My Profile on the left sidebar menu and you should see the following tabs.


Here's a brief description of each tab's contents and which settings you can update.

My Details

Manage your personal information, security settings, and other account details in this section.


View and update your account name, address, city, state, phone numbers, birthdays, and other personal info.


View and update your email-on-file, username, password, and call-in pin. This is where you enable the two-step verification and connect your social logins to your Crazy Domains account.


View and edit your default currency, languages, and time zone, then set how you want us to contact you — via phone or email.


My Wallet

This section displays all financial and account credit information for your account.

My Payments

Check your Account Credit, add your credit card details, update your credit card details, or connect your PayPal account through this section. You can also enable or disable the auto-renewal of your future purchases here.


Go to this page to view or download all the invoices for your product purchase.

Add Credit

Manage your Account Credit through this section. You can choose to reload your Account Credit using your credit card, PayPal, or ZipPay account — whichever is faster for you.



We’ll send product news and account updates through this section. All messages are arranged with a subject of the notification, plus the sending date and the status of the message.


Advanced Support

Support Request

If you need quick and dedicated support for a complicated issue, you can request additional services and support from senior-level administrators, developers, engineers and agents for only $99 AUD per hour.

NOTE: We will do our best to complete your request within the allotted time. If the task cannot be done within the time specified, we will give you a revised estimate. We recommend 1 hour for basic tasks and 2 hours for complex ones.


Shows your previous Advance Support requests, as well as the duration of support and fees you paid.

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