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How To Upload Website Files Using FileZilla

This guide will explain how to transfer your website files from your local computer to your web hosting space using FileZilla.

Step 1: Establish an FTP Connection

  1. Launch FileZilla on your computer.
  2. Click File and select Site Manager.

  3. Click New Site and give your FTP connection a name.

  4. Enter the FTP connection details below:
    Protocol FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    Host Your cPanel or Plesk IP Address
    Port (Leave it blank)
    Logon type Normal
    User Your cPanel or Plesk username
    Password Your cPanel or Plesk password

  5. Click Connect.

    If there is a certificate pop-up, accept it or click OK.

  6. Wait until you will see the successful connection status.


Step 2: Transfer Files

Once you have established an FTP connection, you can easily transfer files from your computer to your web space.

On your FileZilla, you can see your local files on the left pane and your web space on the right. To upload, just drag the files or folder from the left pane to the right.



Which folder in my web hosting space should I put or upload my website files?


For Linux Hosting (cPanel), put the website files of your primary domain directly inside the public_html folder. If you are uploading website files for a subdomain addon domain, put it in the subdomain or addon domain folder inside the public_html folder.

For Windows Hosting (Plesk), put the website files of your primary domain in the httpdocs folder. For subdomains or addon domain files, put them in their designated folder.

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