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How to Create and Add Email Campaigns

Crazy Domains Email Marketing tool is easy to navigate and its user-friendly environment is optimised for beginner to intermediate users.

You don’t have to worry about designing whenever you create your email campaign. We have pre-designed templates ready for you to use! Our tool saves you from all the thinking and time so you can focus more on delivering your message and connect to your targeted audience.

You can follow the steps in this guide to create and add email campaigns.

Step 1. Access your Email Marketing dashboard.

Step 2. Click the Email Campaign tab and click the Add a Campaign button.


Step 3. On the draft summary window, enter your email campaign name.


Step 4. Follow the 5 simple steps to effectively create your email campaign by:

  • Designing your Email
  • Editing Email Details
  • Choosing your Audience
  • Preview & Test (Optional)
  • Schedule (Optional)

We’ll go through each phase to help you get started in creating and adding your email campaigns.

Designing Your Email

When sending out email campaigns, you want to capture your audience’s interest through eye-catchy but relevant designs. Don’t worry, our Email Marketing tool allows you to customise designs by creating your own from scratch, or use a templated one – ready to send email template designs.

You can start by clicking the Start Designing button from your Draft Summary window.

  start designing templates in email marketing


Choose from the drop-down options to either create your email design From Scratch or use a Template. Then click the Start Designing button.


  start designing templates in email marketing



Editing Email Details

Aside from having a great design for an email campaign, having a great subject line that your audience will surely click open and read your email – is the key. Click the Edit Details button.

  edit details for email campaign in email marketing



On the Edit Email Details window, enter the following information:
  • Campaign Subject – Your campaign subject should be compelling to trigger your audience to click and read your email.
  • Sender Details – Enter what name you want to appear as a sender for your email campaign. Then, select which email you want the email campaign to be sent from by clicking the From Email drop-down option.
  • Reply Details – select which email you want your audience can reply to.

  edit email campaign details in email marketing

Once done, click Save Details.


If you have more than one email address, you can click on the Manage Email Addresses button enter your valid email address and click Add New Email.

Choosing Your Audience

After setting up your email details, you’re one step closer to sending that email campaign. Choose the right audience for the right message or you can send it to all of your contacts.

  choose your audience in email marketing


Click on the corresponding options to choose whom you’re going to send the email campaign to. Then, click Select Recipients.


At this point, you have the option to send the email campaign right away or save it as a draft.

But we recommend not skipping the next step, ensuring your email campaign design down to the content is all good so as not to harm your branding for your business/services.

Preview & Test

This step isn’t required all the time but is very helpful.

This option gives you a preview of how the email campaign will look like in their inbox. This helps check any grammatical errors or typos. Also, making sure that your design is consistent including fonts and colour, and if there are any links in your email, you can test it out that it works before sending it out to your audience. You don’t want a bad review just because you missed checking on this tiny detail.

You can send a test email to your test email list, and a preview of the subject line of your email.

Click the Send Test button to show the drop-down options, select the test email recipients for the preview and click Send Test.

  preview test window in email marketing




If you’re satisfied with everything in your email campaign, you can confidently send it to your targeted audience by clicking Schedule & Send.

You can opt to send it right away by selecting the option Right Now or schedule it to a specific day and time by choosing Specific Day & Time option. Then, click Schedule & Send.

For more helpful tips and complete guides on our Email Marketing tool, you can check our getting started guide here. Or if you’re struggling and new to Email Marketing, read our post on ways to build an effective email marketing plan.

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