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Managing Premium DNS

What Is Premium DNS

Premium DNS boosts website accessibility by delivering performance that's twice as fast as Standard DNS. It works by directing users to the nearest server for a better user experience. With Premium DNS, you get reliable and consistent service, that ensures your website loads faster and experience fewer errors—which means visitors stay on your site longer. Premium DNS also improves global resolution times, which helps increase your website's traffic and reach more people. 

Why Is Premium DNS Not Included in Domain Registration for Free

Premium DNS have advanced DNS features that some users may not need. So, it is separated from the domain registration to reduce the domain registration price. Premium DNS is bundled with other features like email forwarding, web forwarding, etc. 

Read on as this guide will show you how to get started and enjoy all your Premium DNS features.

First things first: In order for Premium DNS to work, your Name Servers must be set as follows:

  • ns1.dnspackage.com
  • ns2.dnspackage.com

For a detailed guide on how to change your Name Servers, click here.

Web Forwarding

Premium DNS offers a one-click Web Forwarding feature that allows you to simply forward all traffic and visitors from one domain to another. For example, you can redirect users from yourdomain.net to yourdomain.com, making sure that visitors always make it to your website and you don't lose any traffic.

Follow the guide below to quickly set up Web Forwarding with Premium DNS.

Email Forwarding

Premium DNS offers a simple one-click Email Forwarding to reroute all the emails from one email address to another. You can also forward all your domain’s incoming emails to a specific address, creating a catch-all email type of Email Forwarding service.

This feature allows you to keep on top of your incoming emails without having to check multiple addresses every day. To set up Email Forwarding with Premium DNS, click the link below:

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