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Domain Privacy vs Private Tech

All accredited Domain Name registrars are required by ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) to publish registrant’s contact information, domain creation, expiration dates, etc., in the global WHOIS database. This is a searchable database of every domain name registered worldwide.

Having said that, your personal information is accessible by anyone at any time. If you are trying to resell a domain name, you can benefit from the publicity; otherwise, it will leave you at stake. With your data at free disposal, you are more susceptible to domain hijackers, spammers, hackers and identity thieves.

Fortunately, hiding these (or some) information from the public is possible. Domain Privacy and Private Tech are additional services you can trust to keep your data concealed. However, there are varying factors between the two services.

Domain Privacy vs Private Tech

As mentioned, publishing your personal information is mandated by ICANN. This means that you still have to submit relevant information upon registration. Crazy Domains can only do as much as information masking. Meaning, a general information is disclosed to the WHOIS database instead of yours. Any emails, mails, calls, etc., pass through another channel before it can successfully connect to you. This way, threats are filtered without compromising any important correspondence.

Domain Privacy or WHOIS Privacy keeps the prying public away from ALL of your personal information. This means that no data will be left out for others to meddle. Surely, you can be safer from malicious individuals who are trying to sabotage your online assets or worse, your identity.

Generally, the majority opt for Domain Privacy only to figure out that it is not available for their domain name. One concrete example is the .AU Australia domain names.

A private registration is restricted by auDA, which is the governing body of .AU domain names. However, it does not mean that you can completely leave your data in the mercy of hackers.

Private Tech offers a limited version of Domain Privacy. As the name implies, technical information is withheld from the public. For some, it is simply not enough. Gladly, there are only two contact identifiers for .AU domain name registrations; the Registrant and Technical contact. Hence, Private Tech is as close as you get to full data privacy.

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