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Create a CSR for Microsoft IIS 7

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a CSR on an IIS 7 server.

  1. Navigate along the following path: Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Services Manager > Server Name.
  2. Find Server Certificates. It should be in the Security section. Select it.

  3. On the right you will see a menu called Actions. Select it. Then select the option that says Create Certificate Request. This will open the wizard that will show you how to create your CSR.

  4. You will see a window called Distinguished Name Properties. Fill in required fields.

    Below is a description of the fields:
    Common name The full domain name of your server.
    Organization The legal name of your organization. Include inc, ltd, or llc, if applicable.
    Organization unit Whatever department in your organization that is managing the certificate..
    City/locality The city or town where your organization is based.
    State/province The state or region where your organization is based. Do not use abbreviations for this.
    Country/region The country where your organization is based.

  5. You will see a window called Cryptographic Service Provider Properties. Enter the required information and hit Next.

    Below is a description of the fields:
    Cryptographic Service provider Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider
    Bit Length 2048

  6. Now you will save your CSR. Choose a name for the file and the directory where you would like to save it. Later, you will need this CSR to activate your SSL Certificate, so make sure you know where it is. Hit Finish.

  7. While applying, paste the CSR into the appropriate field in the form including:
  8. Go to the end by hitting Next and confirming all the details you entered.


Once you have gotten your SSL Certificate, you can begin installing it on your server.



Save the Private Key


  1. In the MMC, find the Certificates snap and select it.
  2. Hit Requests.
  3. Hit All tasks.
  4. Hit Export.


Make sure you take careful note of your password. Additionally, back up your key in a secure location that is not immediately accessible from your server. If these are lost, we cannot retrieve them. This is a security measure. Several different and secure backup locations are recommended.


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