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Create a CSR for Microsoft IIS 5/6

How To Create a CSR on a Microsoft IIS 5/6 Server

These are the steps that you need to follow to create a CSR on a Miscrosoft IIS 5/6 server.

  1. Go to the Administrative Tools section.
  2. Boot up the Internet Services Manager.
  3. Right-click on the site that you want to create a CSR for and select Properties. Open the properties window for the website the CSR is for.

  4. Find the Directory Security tab. There you will need to select Server Certificate.

  5. Select the Create a new certificate option. After that click Next.

  6. Click on Prepare the request and then hit Next.

  7. In the Name and Security Settings screen enter the necessary information and hit Next.

    Below is a description of the fields:
    Name This is the name that your certificate will show.
    Bit length The encryption strength. Longer lengths are more secure, but excessively long bit lengths may lead to performance issues.

  8. Enter the requested information and hit Next.

    Below is a description of the fields:
    Organization The official, legal name of the organization that is handling the certificate. This should include Inc, Corp or LLC, if applicable.
    Organization unit The organizational unit that is responsible for the certificate.

  9. Add the Domain name and hit Next.

    Here is an explanation of the Common Name requirements. This should be the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) or the specific address that you want to make TLS connections with - the secure area of your site. Subdomains will not be secured unless you have a Wildcard SSL Certificate. In this case, you need to include an asterisk - for example, "*.mydomain.com".
  10. Fill in the fields using the information below and hit Next.

    Below is a description of the fields:
    Country/Region The country where your organization is based.
    State/province The state/region where your organization is based. This shouldn't be abbreviated.
    City/locality The city where your organization is based.

  11. Name your CSR and choose a directory to save it in. You will need to use your CSR in the SSL Certificate installation process, so make sure it's close at hand. Hit Next.

  12. Make sure that you have entered all the information about your company correctly, then hit Next.

  13. When applying, paste your CSR into the form. This must include:

  14. Hit next and confirm that you have submitted the correct details.


Once we send you your SSL Certificate by email in an attached text file, you will need to install it.



Save Your Private Key

  1. Navigate to the Certificates section in the MMC
  2. Choose Requests.
  3. Choose All tasks.
  4. Hit Export.


Please save your backups in a secure location, preferably one not immediately accessible from the server. Note down your password and back up your key. If these are lost, we cannot replace them. Limited access to these keys is one of the ways we make them secure.


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