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Can I Register a Brand Name

In this age of countless choices, every business is required to create a Brand Name that is relevant, memorable, and is powerful enough to captivate consumers. Your Brand Name has the ability to reveal your Brand’s intention and identity. Hence, it is important to create and use your Brand Name strategically to form a strong over-all Brand impression.

If you decide to make your Domain Name the same as your Brand Name, you may do it as long as you make sure first that it is available and not taken by anyone else before registering it for your business.

Despite the freedom of registering any available Brand Name that you want, you have to take note that it is also your responsibility to confirm that you do not infringe the rights of any other company or individual.

If you register a Brand Name that belongs to another company as a Domain Name, we and the respective Domain Registry reserve the right to cancel your registration. Furthermore, you will be liable for any costs incurred as a result of the registration.

To save yourself from failed registrations and penalties, research and do away from creating a Brand Name that involves copyrighted company names.

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