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Can I Cancel My Web Design

The short answer is Yes. However, there are certain conditions which we’ll explain in this article by looking at two things: (1) understanding the process and (2) knowing when you can cancel.

Understanding the Process

Web Design offers two platform options: Sitebeat and WordPress. The process of designing your website actually starts after we have received your creative brief.

After your order has been placed, you will need to submit a creative brief via your Account Manager. This will be assigned to a designer/developer who will contact you for more information regarding what you want with your website. Once that has been confirmed and finalised, the design phase will start. For Sitebeat, this will already mean that your website will soon be done.

For WordPress plans, the design phase will mean that your developer will get back to you with three design models to choose from. After agreeing on a design, your website will proceed to the development phase and will soon be done.

Knowing When You Can Cancel

If you ever change your mind, here’s when you can still cancel the Web Design service:

  1. Before submission of a creative brief:
    If after purchasing a Web Design plan, no other action was taken: (1) you didn’t submit a creative brief and (2) you didn’t receive a call/email from our designers/developers, then you can contact us to cancel and get a full refund of the design service, along with all the products connected to it, such as Web Hosting and Domains (if any).
  2. Before the design phase:
    If you’ve already submitted a creative brief, you may contact us to make sure that it does not go into design phase yet. It is still possible that your request has been assigned to a designer/developer but is still under evaluation. In which case, you may be granted a refund.

    However, please note that if the design phase has already started, this means that our time and resources have already been allocated to planning and building your website. As such, your cancellation request may be rejected.

In addition, design phase usually doesn't start within the first 24 hours. So if you immediately contact us and process the cancellation, you can still get a refund. Do contact us for any further clarifications or learn more about what you get with Web Design by reading our guide.

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