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Before starting your domain transfer...
  • Check your domain has been registered for at least 60 days
  • Unlock the domain at your current registrar ?
  • Check your email address is listed as the domain contact.
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Transfer approval instructions will be emailed to the registered domain contact. Please check your email and click accept.


After your previous registrar has accepted the transfer, the domain will be available in your Crazy Domains account.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Domain Transfer?

Domain transfer is technically a handover of domain name ownership from one registrar to another. The process in no way interrupts the function of services linked to your web address such as websites and emails, mainly because your registrars are only responsible for the transfer of domain name records.

Before you can fully transfer a domain name, you must first have two things: a validated web address under your registration, and a new registrar where you want to move. Given the fact that transferring domain is easy, it is still necessary for you to understand the underlying elements of the process in order to fully comprehend how this particular service works, and avoid technical issues in the future.

How to transfer a domain name

In most cases, in order to successfully place your domain name transfer, you need to place a request form with the new registrar you intend to move to. At Crazy Domains, our process is similarly quick and easy. Without interruption, the services of your website, emails, and other related networks are still operational. And, in just 10 days, the domain transfer process will be successfully completed.

However, make sure that your web address is active in order to process the name changes. Otherwise, if it is locked, inactive, or in a redemption or deletion period, the process will be impossible to complete. For a complete guide on how to change web address ownership, visit our website here.

Why domain owners want to transfer domain names


Undeniably, one of the most common reasons why registrants change ownership from one account management to another is due to prices. Without annual price discounts, registrants will most likely flee from current registrars and move to a new registrar with cheap domain transfer prices, without compromising efficient services. Most registrants want to choose affordable deals and look forward to attractive promos that can surely help diminish costs.

Special features

Besides inexpensive deals, registrants always look for special features, features that will simplify account organisation and reduce work for them. Registrars that offer easy-to-use management tools get more chances of transfer domain than those who only maintain bland offers. Aside from that, a complicated interface will also push registrants to move and change to a provider with a more user-friendly website.

Privacy issues

Most importantly, privacy issues are crucial for both domain name owners and registrars. Online transactions are private that’s why registrants choose registrars carefully before purchasing services. Sometimes, although attractive and affordable on the surface, some registrars don’t offer authentic security and protection of sensitive information. As a result, registrants transfer a domain from one registrar hosting to another in order to feel protected from cyberattacks and online theft.

What you need to know before transferring domain names?

Expiration date

Most registrants are unsure about the best time to transfer their web address to another registrar. First things first, be aware of expiration schedules ahead of time, especially if you have plans to change your domain registrar. Technically, it is advisable to change ownership 30 days prior to an expiration date to avoid unforeseen technical issues or delays that might hinder the transferring process.

Preparation details

Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of your new registrar. Before transferring domain names, first unlock your web address, set its status to public, secure a request form, and be sure to have a valid email address on top of it all. Our Crazy Domains transfer provides an easy step by step process in order to complete the domain transfer easily. For more information about this, contact us here.


Whatever is the main motivation of your decision to transfer a domain name, one of the most important things to consider before you change a registrar is the price. Be careful of bogus charges underlying attractive sales and promos. Research the background of your potential registrar’s history and don’t settle for a hosting provider that does not ensure and value privacy. On the bright side, our transfer services here at Crazy Domains is FREE, with 24/7 customer support and easy management tools.

How to change domain name owner

If you would like to update or change domain name, you only need to fill out our transfer domain ownership form. After which, you can return the form to us through email or fax. We process your change request usually within 5 days, providing that all remaining fees are already cleared and paid. The moment your application is validated and approved, we immediately send you a confirmation email.

Mistakes to avoid before you transfer domain


Before you decide to change or transfer domain name, you should be careful choosing a registrar that you would like to move to. Moving from one registrar to another is like relocating a home; you need to adjust in order to fit in your new environment. Without compatibility, you might encounter complexities such as technical issues and unanticipated downtime.

Double the effort in ensuring that your business works best with your new home. Research your registrar thoroughly and get acquainted with their different products and services to get familiar with their way of business.

Insufficient technical support

Find a registrar that has 24/7 customer care or technical support. This is an essential factor because some technical issue or system glitch may delay your business. In unanticipated moments like this, a standby technical support system can assist and fix technical issues in order to smooth the process. Customer care services can also respond to your concerns such as “how to transfer a domain name” and other related queries.

Complex process

Transferring a domain name is easy if the management tools you can see in your current registrar’s website are easy, as well. Otherwise, you will find it hard to navigate and accomplish the process of making changes on your own. In most cases, the transfer process can be swiftly done after you fill out a form which will then be processed and confirmed online. Without a user-friendly interface, it might be hard for you to complete the “transfer my domain” process and other transactions you might need in the future.