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  • Fiona E. - Owner
    Mo Anum Cara

    I have had my account with Crazy Domains for a number of years now - your quality reliability and fab customer service continue to excel! Thank you

    JANUARY 2017
  • Tony B. - Director
    Teriton Services

    Crazy Domains Customer service representative are 100% spot on. I have recommended Crazy to friends and family for hosting services and will continue to. Thank you CD so far 100 out of 100 from me.

    JANUARY 2017
  • Maggie T. - Owner
    Florabunda & Cake

    Crazy Domains was just fantastic. I am over 60 and sometimes struggle with the whole computer thing and your guys are always very patient and understanding and always give me the time I need to resolve my issues. Thank you

    JANUARY 2017
  • Sue A. - Customer

    So far I am really impressed with the product offering and the back up service! Would highly recommend.

    JANUARY 2017
  • Ian D. - Designer
    The Big Fix

    I have been a customer for 10 years and I have yet to encounter a bad customer service representative. I wish the whole world offered service of this quality.

    JANUARY 2017
  • Pasquale P. - Consultant

    Your team was excellent. I got exactly what I had asked for and your team was very responsive to my revision requests. Crazy Domains has done a great job (as you did also for my logo design). I'll definitely be using Crazy Domains again for anything else I need in future.

    JANUARY 2017
  • Mudassar H. - Director

    support is world class. really happy with the products and service. A person like myself would not survive in online world without your exceptional support. Please keep it that way.

    JANUARY 2017
  • Malalai E. - Director
    Advance Skills

    Crazy Domains is value for money. I utilized Crazy Domains services for designing my Logo and developing my website. Staff have mostly been courteous and I admire their patience and perseverance.

    February 2017
  • Jill C. - Admin Manager
    Design Print Management Pty Ltd

    My questions and queries were handled in a clear professional manner. At this stage I feel Crazy Domains have covered all their clients needs very efficiently.

    March 2017
  • Ron L. - Managing Director
    Ron Lyons Ink

    I am very impressed with Crazy Domains. I cannot think of any possible way that your customer support can be improved - it is that good! :)

    March 2017
  • Jonathan S. - Customer

    Crazy domains try to help out even when its the customers mistake. Seriously I would never go with another other provider, you guys are the best :)

    JANUARY 2017
  • Heather R. - Customer

    You are pretty great the way you are. Being available 24 / 7 is very important to me because I work late at night and into the early morning hours.

    JANUARY 2017
  • Sheeraz A. - Customer

    I am in love, I have recommended CD to lots of my friends and clients. I have also started selling products with CD as a re seller and I have found most Crazy customer service very responsive.

    FEBRUARY 2017
  • Heath W. - Customer

    Crazy Domains is an excellent user friendly domain provider that has amazing communication with its domain participants. The operators are knowledgeable and friendly. I will recommend Crazy Domains to my associates and friends.

    MARCH 2017
  • Henry S. - Customer

    Love your entire system. it seems you have everything one needs. i have only registered 8 domains with crazy but plan to do others with crazy. Will host them with crazy soon. Keep up the great work. Superb team. THANKS

    MARCH 2017
  • Heath W. - Customer

    Crazy Domains is an excellent domain partner, especially for a newcomer to the digital world such as I am. Its interface is very user friendly, staff extremely knowledgeable and helpful and who seem professional and genuinely interested in me as a client. I would recommend them to anyone.

    MARCH 2017
  • Andrew & Harold - Owners
    Sunbird Beach Resort

    We've dealt with several companies related to our domain name over the years but have found crazy domains by far the best to deal with their customer service and attention to detail are first class.

    MARCH 2017
  • Sumarah - Camp Planner
    Byron Bay Planning & Property Consultants

    Absolutely brilliant !! 24/7 support and clearly resolved issue today with publishing the web site (thank you VERY) much !!

    MARCH 2017
  • Tony Y. - Director/Founder
    Accordons Enterprise (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    Very high-level of responsiveness, for which I have decided to move my domain registrar to Crazy Domains, and subscribed to Crazy Domain's web hosting premium package.

    April 2017
  • Heather R. - Customer

    You are pretty great the way you are. Being available 24 / 7 is very important to me because I work late at night and into the early morning hours.

    JANUARY 2017
Learn about Domain Names
Australian domain name options

Every country has its own domain extension, which is an important part of your full web address. The Australian country extension is .au, and is the most popular option for businesses.

There are also extensions for two Australian cities – .sydney and .melbourne – that have become very popular for local targeted businesses.

Here are the Australian domain names you can choose:

  • – This is the classic option for businesses. It is also the default that many people type in their browsers, so it’s a good idea to reserve it for your business’s address.
  • – A common choice for business websites or technology firms. It’s also a good option if the version is taken.
  • – Meant for non-profit charities and organisations.
  • – Open for political parties, trade unions, sporting clubs, charities, incorporated associations and non-profits.
  • – Meant for personal websites for Australian citizens and residents. They cannot be used for businesses.
  • .sydney – For businesses and people located in Sydney, NSW.
  • .melbourne – For businesses and people located in Melbourne, VIC.

Having an Australian web address gives you a local presence for your business and brand. It also makes it easy for users to find and identify you in search engines as having a recognisable Australian address.

How to choose the right domain name

Choosing a domain name is a key step to having a successful online presence. Domain names are also known as web addresses, and they represent your online business, project or blog just like your street address represents your physical location. The following tips will help you choose the right one.

Refer to your business

If your business is called Kev of all Trades, then the name is a natural choice. If it’s not available, then you can try other variations like, or even If you’re located in Sydney or Melbourne you could even look at or the .melbourne variation. Just make sure you use some reference of your name, brand or idea.

Keep it short and sweet

The shorter your domain, the easier it is to remember. Abbreviations or half abbreviations like are very popular.

Be unique

Choose a name that represents you or your products. Don’t register an address similar to a competing business or website with the same products or content.

Make it local

Choose a geographical extension that represents where your business is located. For example, is used for websites in Australia and is used for websites in Britain. Each country has its own popular type.

Protect your brand

Register multiple domains and direct them all to your main site to protect your brand. If you have registered, registering .com as well will stop anyone from using your brand. Make sure your address looks professional and don’t use a bunch of numbers, hyphens and slang words. Remember, this will be part of your email addresses, so you want to look good.

Can’t decide among your options?

There are no limits to how many domains you can register. Many business will register multiple versions and have them all redirect to one website or park them for future projects.

How to use your domain name

After you have registered your web address you can connect it to your website or start using it to create email addresses. The options are endless.

Our Domain Manager comes free, making it simple to set up, manage and connect multiple services.

You can purchase a web hosting or email hosting plan, or connect your domain to your current hosting provider simply by updating the DNS records. If you want to get started with a site right away, check out our Website Builder. It’s a simple tool that lets you create a great-looking site in just a few clicks with no coding necessary.